Facilitating Composting and Improved Organic Resource Management in our Communities

Welcome to the Healthy Foods, Healthy Soils Toolkit!

This toolkit is for planners, regional stakeholders, and anyone with an interest in furthering sustainability, healthy food systems, and public health through better knowledge of zoning, land use, methods and policy focused on best practices and fair rules for composting.

Each section contains links to comprehensive information compiled by researchers charged with finding best practices designed to facilitate forward-thinking approaches to sound resource management, healthy food systems, and economic and environmental stability. A navigational chart of this toolkit is also available as a table of contents and site map

The Healthy Foods, Healthy Soils Connection

Healthy soils help grow good food. Learn how healthy soil creates a secure, robust local food system while improving public health and resource management.

Model Ordinance

California initiatives and legislation are national trend-setters for facilitation of sustainable resource management. The opportunity exists for local zoning and land use rules to follow suit. This section provides compelling model programs, language and case studies for furthering efforts towards better rules. 

Keys to Success

Developing zoning and land use rules fair to source reduction, food recovery, composting and other sustainable resource management and food system programs are critical to public health and the integrity our our regional environment and economy.