Cultivating a Good Food Future for all San Diegans!

We are a nonprofit collaborative that brings together businesses, nonprofit organizations, government entities, farmers, fishermen and passionate community members to improve the food environment in our region. Our goal is to bring Good Food to the 3.3 million people who live, work, play and eat in San Diego County. 

Our Mission

To develop and maintain an equitable, healthy, and sustainable food system in San Diego County

What is a food system?

A food system is the journey your food takes to get from its source to your plate, including: growing, processing, distribution, consumption and disposal. 

Our Impact

San Diego Food System Alliance is building a Good Food food system for our region that supports increased access to healthy, affordable food, increased economic opportunity for local food producers, and a reduction of food waste. We work with our members in a cross-sector collaboration to share resources, strengths and knowledge for collective action to improve our food system.



We work together on local and state-level policy initiatives that will benefit our regional food system.  We also support local jurisdictions in incorporating equitable and sustainable food system measures in planning efforts.


Our work is built on collaboration. We provide resources and opportunities for knowledge sharing to educate and inspire our community. We host multiple events per year for the public and convene regular meetings for our members. 



As an Alliance, we are able to identify intersections among partners to improve the Good Food work happening in our region and implement initiatives to ensure the greatest impact.