Network building is the heart of our work. 

The San Diego Food System Alliance exists to provide a space for conversation and collaboration. We have over 120 groups in our network that regularly come together to discuss challenges, intersections and opportunities to improve the food landscape in San Diego County. 

We facilitate 6 working groups in the following areas:

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Education is empowerment.

Throughout the year, the San Diego Food System Alliance hosts events open to the public to build awareness around a Good Food landscape and catalyze change. Our events focus on increasing access to healthy food, reducing food waste and supporting local. In the Spring, we host an educational forum to introduce timely legislation and encourage action. In the Fall, we convene leaders and advocates for our Annual Food Waste Solutions Summit. We support other food system events in the community whenever possible. View our events pages for past events and community events


We are greater than the sum of our parts.

As a collaborative, we know that change is a long process that none of us can achieve alone. Progress means implementing complex solutions to multi-faceted problems, often requiring legislative action. Our 40 voting members guide our strategic participation in legislative activity so that as a group we can have a greater impact supporting or opposing political initiatives. 

We focus on policy that will have the biggest impact on our food landscape. When there is interest and buy-in from multi-sector leaders, the San Diego Food System Alliance can build on that momentum to catalyze change. 

Active Campaigns


We are creating a Good Food future.

When there are opportunities for the San Diego Food System Alliance to take a leadership role in Good Food work, special initiatives are born and driven by Alliance staff. Our current special iniatives includes:

Food Waste Reduction and Food Recovery

     Save the Food San Diego

     Smart Kitchens San Diego

Catalyzing carbon farming in our region

     Carbon Farming Reports     

Educational Campaigns

     Save the Food San Diego