Ensure that all San Diego county residents have access to healthy, affordable, and culturally appropriate foods at all times, including times of emergency.

2016 Action Plan 

Initiative Resources:

Healthy Food Access Data Hackathon Submissions (Mar 2015)

Healthy Food Access Indicators 

Working Group Leadership Contact:

Naomi Billups (Naomi.Billups@sdcounty.ca.gov)
Ariel Hamburger (

2016 Working Group Meetings:

Please contact the Working Group co-chairs above if you are interested in attending. 
Generally 3rd Mon of every month 3-4:30pm
Mon 1/11 3-4:30pm
Mon 2/8 3-4:30pm
Mon 3/21 3-4:30pm
Mon 4/18 3-4:30pm
Mon 5/16 3-4:30pm
Mon 6/20 3-4:30pm
Mon 7/18 3-4:30pm
Mon 8/15 3-4:30pm
Mon 9/19 3-4:30pm
Mon 10/17 3-4:30pm
Mon 11/21 3-4:30pm
Mon 12/19 3-4:30pm

Working Group Membership


•    Amina Mohamed, UCSD Center for Community Health
•    Chuck Samuelson, Kitchens for Good
•    Diane Moss, Project New Village - Dec
•    Eric Busboom, Civic Knowledge - Dec
•    Jillian Barber, Sharp
•    Kelcey Ellis, Feeding America San Diego
•    Shelly Hahne, San Diego Food Bank


•     Naomi Billups and Ariel Hamburger, County of San Diego Health and Human Services (co-chairs)