The Holidays are a time to enjoy Good Food and fellowship with the ones we love.

We define Good Food as…

  • Nourishing and healing for the body, mind, spirit

  • Fresh and local

  • Providing meaningful jobs for San Diego

  • Building community and social justice

  • Fair labor practices

  • Humane treatment of animals

  • Valuing all ingredients

The San Diego Food System Alliance works to give everyone in our region the opportunity to enjoy Good Food.

Through collaboration, advocacy, education and innovation, we empower our partners to build a resilient food system that will benefit our people and our planet.

Our network is fighting hunger, food waste, obesity, diabetes, climate change, gaps in our workforce, etc. As the umbrella organization of San Diego’s food system, we support them in building meaningful partnerships and implementing positive change.

If you are looking for collective impact and long term solutions, invest in the San Diego Food System Alliance. We are better together, and we are stronger with YOU!

This Holiday season, join us in the fight for Good Food by making a donation today! Your gift, at any level, will positively impact the future of our food system.

$50 Implements best practices to recover fresh food to feed our community

$100 Promotes and supports our local farmers and fishermen

$500 Educates the community about food system challenges and solutions

$1,000 Advocates for policy initiatives that will have a positive impact on our food

$5,000 Develops an equitable and sustainable food environment in our region