Steven Kiefer, Executive Chef and General Manager, Kitchens for Good

A native San Diegian, Steven Keifer’s passion for food was born out of the audacious, multicultural flavors of San Diego.  After serving in the United States Navy he perused his dream to be a Chef, attended culinary school, and embarked on robust career in the hotel and restaurant industry. After 25 years in the industry, his love of family, community, and belief in feeding one’s soul, lead Chef Keifer to Father Joe’s Villages. During his tenure as their Executive Chef, he oversaw the preparation of more than 1,000,000 healthy and delicious meals and built a robust culinary education program. His commitment to ever evolving as a Chef, helping others, and running kitchens that embrace the value of teaching others, made him the perfect addition to Kitchens for Good where he currently serves as Executive Chef and General Manager.