Rich Flammer, Principal, Hidden Resources

Rich has more than 28 years of hands-on composting experience working extensively in nine U.S. states and Mexico. He has designed, managed, permitted, evaluated, and/or remediated more than 80 large-scale composting facilities for both private and public sector clients. He has also been involved in public policy formation, rulemaking development for state composting regulation, composting technology assessment and development, and regional studies evaluating organic resource management. A specialist in public relations and education, Rich does frequent outreach work, writes instructional manuals, promotional materials, editorial pieces, and gives lectures and workshops on a regular basis. He has designed three permanent home composting exhibits, appeared in two instructional videos, and is Contributing Editor of the BioCycle Journal of Composting & Organics Recycling. Rich and his associate Tyla Montgomery Soylu, PE, are developing the Healthy Food, Healthy Soils Toolkit for the San Diego Food Systems Alliance, County of San Diego Health and Human Services Department, and UCSD. Rich and Tyla have also been working a multitude of other projects facilitating food recovery, composting and improved organic resource management.