Bri Young, Co-owner, Closing the Loop

Before becoming an owner and full-time climate change advocate for Closing the Loop, Abriana(Bri) left the desert of Arizona and joined the military, serving 5 years as a U.S. Navy Corpsman. While in the Navy, she pursued and completed a degree in urban agriculture. This solidified her commitment to human health and environmental sciences. During her courses, she quickly realized that a good life and healthy planet begin with good, real food and living soil. Her passion for caring is equally expressed in the way she cares for patients and the way she tends to the soil.  To her, soil is the key to unlocking our current climate crisis. As a mother of three small children, owner of a small regenerative living business, and full-time doctoral student of acupuncture and Oriental medicine, she lives to improve lives and encourage net positive habits that will ensure a future for all beings.