Samuel S. Chereskin, CEO, Co-Founder, Distiller, Misadventure & Co.

Samuel S. Chereskin

Misadventure & Co. is the first company in the world to make vodka from excess baked goods. A San Diego native, Mr. Chereskin developed Misadventure Vodka and started marketing it in June, 2017. The vodka is made with baked goods (of all sorts) rescued from food banks after these organizations can no longer be use these products to feed San Diego’s hungry or food insecure. Misadventure & Co.’s vodka reverses the normal trend of food and agricultural resources becoming less valuable over their life-cycles, and contributes to reducing food-waste in San Diego County. The company is dedicated to continuing to devise innovative ways to bring value-add products and services to San Diego’s food systems. Mr. Chereskin is an agricultural economist and agricultural economic development specialist from the University of Chicago