Tyla Montgomery Soylu,PE, Project Engineer, Hidden Resources

Tyla provides all facets of technical and design support for organics management projects on the Hidden Resources consulting team.  Tyla has been researching regulatory and land-use barriers to composting since 2010, when she realized how difficult it is to start even a small operation. Tyla combines personal passion with professional knowledge to steer programs and policies that prioritize the highest and best use of organic materials. She is committed to help open up pathways for regional organics recovery infrastructure, while also aiming to build community and agricultural empowerment through decentralized recovery programs. Tyla organized and led local grassroots involvement through CalRecycle’s Title 14 Rulemaking process which ultimately helped achieve new statewide permit exclusions for community composting. She is a registered Civil Engineer in CA and NV and earned her BS in Environmental Engineering from SDSU. Tyla serves on the Board of Directors for the non-profit organization, Inika Small Earth.