Sarah Boltwala-Mesina, Founder and Executive Director, Inika Small Earth

Sarah Boltwala-Mesina is the founder and Executive Director of Inika Small Earth (, a nonprofit that focuses on transforming waste into resources for the circular economy. Sarah transitioned into the world of waste recovery after a successful decade-long career in corporate finance, public finance and valuation consulting. Inika manages Food2Soil -  a social enterprise based collective of chefs and urban gardeners to transform foodscraps into soil, food and jobs for our community. Sarah is passionate about applying her business background towards creating social and economic opportunities in the circular economy. She has an MBA from the University of Notre Dame and used to be a CFA charterholder until 2013. She recently acquired a Master's in Natural Resources from Virginia Tech’s Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability. In addition to managing Inika, she also takes on freelance research and consulting projects in the areas of zero waste, corporate sustainability reporting, waste recovery and non-profit organisational management.