Reyanne Mustafa, Co-Founder, SoulFULL

Reyanne Mustafa

Being a first generation American, Reyanne grew up with a two-world perspective. With both parents being refugees from Syria, one foot is planted in her Arabic heritage and the other in the land of opportunity. This in mind, she is determined to make the best of any opportunity that comes her way. She studies Food and Nutritional Science at SDSU, minoring in Sustainability. Starting her own food blog Freshman year, she became fascinated with the plant-based lifestyle and how it can transform our bodies and planet. She is a strong believer that we cannot have healthy food without healthy soil, and we cannot have healthy soil without practicing sustainability. She feels a great privilege to be studying and practicing both. If she is not in the kitchen experimenting with recipes, she is in the mountains rock climbing, in the ocean surfing, or at the park bending into new yoga poses.