Maen Mahfoud, Founder and CEO, Re-plate

Maen Mahfoud grew up in Syria, and saw the effects of poor access to food nearly every day. When he immigrated to California, he was surprised to find similar disparities within San Francisco. The divide between rich and poor is so stark in the Bay Area. Food is a great way to bridge the gap between income levels in our community and to become more aware of problems in our community. Maen is a graduate of UC Berkeley and Imperial College of London. He is passionate about food waste, food insecurity, empathy and circular economy. Maen is the Founder and CEO @ Replate a technology that matches surplus food from businesses with communities in need. Replate to date has rescued close to a million of high-quality meals for low-income communities in SF, Bay Area, NYC in one year. By 2020 Replate projects to recover 30M pounds of food a year.  Learn more