Hana Dansky, Co-founder and Executive Director, Boulder Food Rescue

Hana Dansky is a cofounder and the current Executive Director of Boulder Food Rescue, a 5 year old, non-profit organization that works to create a more just and less wasteful food system. They do this through the sustainable redistribution of healthy fruits and vegetables to low-income people in Boulder. Boulder Food Rescue has redistributed 1.4 million pounds of healthy food, has conducted a food waste audit for the City, and works with food-insecure people to participate in designing their own food systems and be a part of their own food solutions.

Hana is also a part of the Boulder County Healthy Eating Active Living Team, a cofounder of Boulder Food Not Bombs, a Chinook Fund Giving Project member working to fundraise and move money into grassroots organizing organizations. Hana also started a LGBTQ activist and safe space in Boulder.