Jordan Perkins, ED, Solutions for Urban Agriculture

In addition to being a legal associate for the Wallin Firm, Jordan is the executive director for Solutions for Urban Agriculture (SFUA), a non-profit farming organization that seeks to offer innovative solutions to some of the pressing food security, public health, ecological, workforce, and educational needs facing urban environments today.  Prior to working with SFUA, Jordan managed a variety of projects and programs for both the public and private sectors. As the urban agriculture projects and program officer for the Orange County Great Park Corporation, he was instrumental in visioning, planning and implementing an impressive complement of cutting edge, community-based agricultural programs that continue to give back to the community to this day. While attending law school Jordan learned how to strategically position land leases to mutually benefit short-term agricultural tenants and land owners – a skill that was first put to use during the course of re-purposing former military runways and adjacent fields in the city of Irvine.