FAO estimated that each year one-third of all the food that is produced worldwide is wasted. That equates to 1.3 billion tons. This is 200 times the weight of the Great Pyramid of Giza. In the US alone we waste 141 trillion Calories each year!


What role does wasted food play within this? Arguably the most important. When sent to landfill, rotting food releases methane, an extremely damaging greenhouse gas that in the short-term is 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide.


Recent research suggests 1 in 6 Americans struggle to provide themselves and their families with enough food to live. Yet, we waste around one-third of all the food we produce. Where’s the sense in that? 

Closing The Loop

We are a family & veteran owned company striving to help families, small businesses & large businesses alike Close the Loop.

We seek to strengthen agricultural economies and small scale farms. We do this by connecting food waste from restaurants, businesses and homes to a network of small farmers in San Diego. The food waste is composted into soil, then goes back onto the farms to grow more nutrient dense organic food.

This environmentally conscious effort reduces the waste streams to landfills and therefore reduces the waste removal costs to us all. Additionally we are reducing soil amendment costs to our farmers and Closing the Loop on our own local food system.

Misadventure & Co.

It all started with a chance meeting at a North County San Diego bar between the two founders (Whit Rigali and Samuel Chereskin.) Whit, the bartender, wanted to create local craft spirits as tools for other bartenders. Sam, the Agricultural Economist, wanted to find ways to improve food systems and show that doing good can also be viable. Their conversation over a glass of whiskey led to the creation of Misadventure & Co. These spirits are not just products of 4 years of R&D in a cramped garage, but lessons learned through the San Diego brewing and distilling communities and our wild and wonderful friends and family. We desire to make quality spirits that everyone can enjoy and create them sustainably.

Pulp Pantry

In a moment of serendipity during her final year of college, our Founder & CEO, Kaitlin Mogentale, watched a friend juice a carrot.

That moment proved to be quite transformative, as she saw firsthand the large amount of fresh pulp that was left behind. Her friend admitted to having no clue about what to do with the pulp, meaning this resource was destined for the trash can. With a background in Environmental Studies, Kaitlin's inner food waste warrior couldn't help but want to rescue the carrot's better half. She happily took the pulp home to make her first-ever juice pulp carrot cookies (and they were delicious!). 


Immediately, she wondered what L.A.'s expansive network of larger commercial juiceries were doing with their mass of juicing byproduct.

After calling up a few, it was clear that juiceries didn’t have the capacity or resources to do much of anything with the pulp. In one week, thousands of pounds of organic produce pulp might be sent to the landfill from just one juicery! For every pound of juice produced, as much as three to four pounds of the nutritious, fiber-rich pulp might be trashed.

Inspired, Kaitlin began to devise a pulp collection system with a juicery on campus, and the rest is history. 


That simple moment of inspiration has laid the foundation for the development of Pulp Pantry into a sustainable, mission-driven business. Starting with pulp, we’re making sure that none of our Earth’s valuable resources go to waste.  And we're not stopping here! A key piece of the vision for Pulp Pantry is to leverage the resource of organic fresh fruit and vegetable pulp and to bring affordable and nutritious food to all, addressing the broader issue of food insecurity.


We connect communities and help make everyone a solution to the food insecurity in their area. Through our robust technology, we are able to match business’ excess food with those in need.

The Replate service is unique because our methods are human-centered, streamlined, and scalable. We provide a dynamic platform to encourage communication and transparency between our clients, drivers, and recipients to ensure the most reliable service.  This enables us to have a consistent, measurable supply of food for our recipients.


"This start-up venture was created by the founders who become so frustrated by the amount of food being thrown away every night from restaurants, they decided to do something about it.  Much of the food being thrown away each night is untouched, nutritionally dense, and a staple ingredient in many products.

This is a company dedicated to providing nutrient-dense products that is both healthy for our bodies and our environment by reducing food waste to minimize our carbon footprint. We use excess food made by restaurants to make healthy protein bars and cookies. Our product will consist of high quality grains and greens extracted from juice pulp as a result of juicing.

Using a 1:1 model, we intend to donate 1 item for every 1 item that sold, empowering the consumer to make change within their community. We strive to bridge the gap between food surplus and the food insecure."