Domingo Vigil, Program Coordinator, County of San Diego Land Use and Environment Group

Domingo Vigil, Program Coordinator with the County of San Diego’s Land Use and Environment Group Executive Office oversees the implementation of the Live Well San Diego Food System Initiative. Domingo leads a multi-departmental working group in the County that works to improve different aspects of the food system, including growing, production, access, safety, and disposal of food. Domingo is currently leading efforts to develop a regional Food Donation Action Plan, which will include an assessment of infrastructure needs for food pantries in the region. The Food Donation Action Plan will inform the development of future programs and allocation of resources to support food donation and the reduction of food waste and food insecurity in the region. Domingo has a B.A. in International Business from San Diego State University, and a Masters in International Affairs with a focus on Environmental Policy from the University of California, San Diego.