Chuck Samuelson, Founder and President, Kitchens for Good

Chuck Samuelson, Founder and President of Kitchens for Good, has spent a lifetime in the food service industry as a chef, restaurateur, and consultant. Chuck started his career as a dishwasher at 13 and rose to Executive Chef and Restaurant General Manager in his late twenties. He has owned award-winning restaurants, a catering company, been a Hospitality Consultant to top San Diego restaurants, and served as the Senior Manager for Food Services at Stone Brewing Company. While working for a lifetime in the Hospitality Industry, Samuelson was shocked at the tremendous amount of food being wasted while many in the community lacked access to nutritious food. Samuelson leveraged his network and skills to build a social enterprise that is designed to break the cycles of food waste, poverty and hunger in the community.  His focus in the Social Enterprise world is to insure that Kitchens For Good is sustainable and has the revenue streams to insure long term viability and resources to scale up and increase impact