Eliminate the half million ton of food waste that is sent to San Diego County’s landfills every year through promoting resources, catalyzing actions, and informing policies that address the recovery of food resources for consumption (source reduction and improving food security), livestock feed, energy and compost.

2016 Action Plan

Initiative Resource:

Food Waste Solution Summit SD 2015

Working Group Leadership Contact: 

Richard Winkler (rwinkfive@gmail.com)
Tyla Montgomery (tylam@inikasmallearth.org)
Jen Winfrey (Jennifer.Winfrey@sdcounty.ca.gov)

2016 Working Group Meetings:

Please contact the Working Group co-chairs above if you are interested in attending. 
Generally 1st Thurs of every month 9:30am-12pm, with subgroup meetings 9:30am-10:30am at County Operation Center 5510 Overland Ave

Working Group Membership:


•    Richard Winkler, Wild Willow (st com)
•    Tyla Montgomery, Inika Small Earth (st com)
•    Arielle Golden, NCFPC
•    Brian Midkiff, Meals on Wheels
•    Colin Cureton, CHIP
•    Chuck Samuelson, Kitchens for Good
•    Jessica Toth, Solana Center
•    Karen Clay, Harvest Crops
•    Kelly Kratzer, Feeding America
•    Kate McDevitt, UCSD Center for Community Health
•    Kristen Aster, Hunger Advocacy Network
•    Natalie Roberts/ Sam DeCapua, I Love a Clean San Diego
•    Nita Kurmins, Produce Good
•    Vanessa Franco, San Diego Food Bank


•    Michael Wonsidler and Jen Winfrey, County of San Diego Public Works Solid Waste Planning and Recycling (st com)
•    Ana Carvalho, City of San Diego Environmental Services
•    Naomi Billups, County of San Diego Health and Human Services 

Community/ Business

•    Mina Brown (st com)
•    Erika Campbell
•    Scott Murray