Dan Major


Born and raised in San Diego, Dan has been fishing for over two decades. Dan, his wife Kelli, and their kids fish and work the Tuna Harbor Dockside market every Saturday. On his boat Plan B, he fishes box and razor crabs, sheepshead, lobster, tuna, rockfish, mackerel, octopus, and eel, to name a few. Dan fishes just about anything available from Point Conception to the Mexico border and out 200 miles. His methods include traps, and rod and reel.

Dan is passionate about making the highest quality seafood available to San Diegans; he won't sell anything that he won't eat himself or serve to his children.

Pete Halmay


Pete Halmay has been fishing for 44 years. He is married with three daughters and one son, who also fishes. His boat is called "Erin B." Pete dives for sea urchins, top snails, and Kellet's whelk.

Pete first heard about fishing sea urchins in 1970 when demand was rising and populations were down. Pete seized the opportunity, swapping his life as an engineer for that of a fishermen, and soon enough the Pacific Ocean was his new office. A career in fishing is not for the faint of heart. “We don’t take breaks. We go out 52 weeks a year. Good weather or bad," he says. But it's a job he loves, and he's committed to keeping San Diego's fishing industry alive. Pete is actively involved in Sustainable Seafood Working Group of the San Diego Food System Alliance as well as The San Diego Fishermen's Working Group.

Dave Haworth


Dave Haworth is a second generation San Diego fishermen with 40 years of fishing experience. He fishes tuna, lobster, swordfish, squid, and sardine. Dave owns four commercial fishing vessels, named Barbara H, Tiffany H, Elizabeth H, and Sea Haven. His methods include traps, nets, longline, and harpoon.

Dave is on the Pacific Fishery Management Council Advisory Body as a Coastal Pelagic Species Advisory Subpanel (CPSAS) member. He is also the Vice President of the California Wetfish Producers Association. 

Kelly Fukushima

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Kelly Fukishima has over 20 years of fishing experience. He fishes for swordfish, tuna, shark, opah, and yellowtail among a variety of other species.  Kelly's Boat is named "Three Boys." The entire Fukushima family helps on the boat and even more with weekly sales, direct and through their Loaf and Fish seafood sandwich booth at Tuna Harbor Dockside Market.

"We aspire to be a fishing family," he says. "Fishing is a viable way of making a living and I think it’s a great job.” The biggest challenges he faces as a fisherman include fighting to keep San Diego’s fishing industry infrastructure, working to keep regulations within reason, and sales at a price that can sustain operations. He is a tremendous advocate of the local fishing industry and seeks to educate consumers about the importance of knowing where their seafood comes from.