Why We Aren't Holding the Food Waste Solutions Summit This Year (we have something even better in store!)


We aren’t holding the Food Waste Solutions Summit this year… but we are organizing something even more exciting!

In September 2015, we organized the first Food Waste Solutions Summit with the goal of galvanizing the food system community around the timely topic of food waste. Aggressive California state mandates for food waste diversion were on the books, and our community was eager to coordinate actions toward reducing, recovering, and recycling wasted food.

Four Summits later, we’ve witnessed the incredible growth of the “Wasted Food Prevention” movement in San Diego. National organizations view San Diego as a leader in the space, recognizing that our community’s collaborative efforts have brought about innovative programs, initiated lasting partnerships, and ushered in a new generation of food waste warriors—students and young leaders who have arrived at the Summit and departed with the motivation to lead new efforts in wasted food prevention and food system transformation.

We are so inspired and want to take this energy to the next level!

Making way for a new event

This summer, we began the 18-month process of shaping San Diego County Food Vision 2030, a 10-year strategic plan that will guide collective action toward a healthy, sustainable, and just food system in our region. In just two months of working with our community on Food Vision 2030, one thing has become clear: the time for reimagining all parts of our food system is now.

We are designing a new event—a gathering for leaders across all parts of San Diego County's food system, to come together annually as we implement Food Vision 2030 over the next decade.

The Inaugural Food Vision 2030 Gathering (June 2020) will not only cover the topic of wasted food, but critical issues across the entire food system, including: Achieving Equity, Confronting Climate Change, Sustaining Food Production, Exploring Food Processing and Manufacturing, Marketing Our Food Products Locally, Reducing Wasted Food, Cultivating Food Culture, and more.

The 2020 Gathering will be focused on setting goals for the region for the next 10 years, and future Gatherings will focus on implementation of Food Vision 2030, reflecting on our progress, celebrating successes, and exchanging lessons learned.

We want to hear from you to help shape these new Annual Food Vision 2030 Gatherings. What did you enjoy about the Food Waste Solutions Summit that we should carry forward? Why was our previous Summit series a must-have on your busy conference schedule each year? Comment below, or take 5 minutes to respond to our survey.


Continuing to champion Wasted Food Prevention

Wasted Food champions, there will be other opportunities to highlight and connect with peers around the important work that you do in addition to attending the Annual Food Vision 2030 Gathering.

  • Participate in the annual EMIE’s Unwasted Food Awards, which will continue honoring businesses, organizations, and institutions with exemplary practices around Wasted Food prevention and recovery. Stay tuned for details.

  • Join our Wasted Food Prevention & Recovery Working Group, which meets quarterly to discuss regional issues and solutions to continue to move the needle (contact Geertje Grootenhuis at geertje@sdfsa.org).

  • Receive our Save the Food San Diego Champions Toolkit, social media content emailed to you monthly to promote Wasted Food prevention to your networks (contact Geertje Grootenhuis at geertje@sdfsa.org).

  • Sign up to receive the San Diego Food System Alliance Newsletter, which includes a section on Wasted Food News. Subscribe on our homepage.

Partner With Us

We are seeking values-aligned partners to sponsor our Inaugural Food Vision 2030 Gathering scheduled for June 2020. For partnership opportunities, please contact Emilio Flores at emilio@sdfsa.org.

We are so grateful for our growing network of leaders, organizers, educators, and community members who share our vision for a healthy, sustainable, and just food system in San Diego County. We look forward to convening with all of you at the Annual Food Vision 2030 Gathering next June.

Stay tuned for details. We hope to see you there!