Get out the Vote June 5, 2018! Food System Questionnaire for D4 and D5 County Supervisor Candidates

Get out the Vote! Tuesday June 5, 2018

County Supervisor District 4 and District 5 Candidate Questionnaire - 2018 Elections

We requested the County Supervisor District 4 and District 5 candidates for the 2108 race to share their vision for how the County of San Diego can expand existing initiatives and/or create even more innovative solutions to address these issues in order to develop an equitable and sustainable food system.

Our questions included  broad range of issues including:
1) Food Insecurity2) Equitable Access to Healthy Food3) Support for Small-Scale Farming and Fishing4) Food Waste5) Food Procurement6) Urban Agriculture7) Food Labor8) Support for Food Enterpreneurs, and 9) Broad Vision for Supporting San Diegans

Candidates are listed in order of when responses came in. For more info, visit:

District 4 Supervisors Candidates.png
D5 Candidates.jpg