Support beginning famers and address barriers to entry by promoting resources, informing policies, and catalyzing actions

2016 Action Plan

Initiative Resource:

Resource site for new farmers

SDFSA Research Brief: New and Young Farmers Needs Assessment

Working Group Leadership Contacts:

Eric Larson (Eric@sdfarmbureau.org)
Laurel Greyson (laurelgreyson@gmail.com)  

2016 Working Group Meetings:

Please contact the Working Group co-chairs above if you are interested in attending. 
Generally 3rd Wed quarterly 1-3:30pm
Wed March 16th 1-3:30pm
Wed June 15th 1-3:30pm
Wed Sept 21st 1-3:30pm
Wed Dec 14th 1-3:30pm

Working Group Membership


•    Eric Larson, San Diego County Farm Bureau (co-chair)
•    Colin Cureton, CHIP
•    Niki Mazaroli, Leichtag Foundation
•    Richard Winkler, Wild Willow


•    Karen Melvin, County of San Diego Ag Weights and Measures
•    Susan Harris, County of San Diego Planning Department

Community/ Business

•    Laurel Greyson